Hi! My name is Alexander Romanovich.
I enjoy writing poetry, studying metaphysics, taking photos, and engaging in surrealist activities. I live in New York City, where I work as a technical director and software architect.

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About Me

  • I was born in April of 1980 (as Eric Alexander Romanovich).
  • I am originally from Seekonk, MA (outside Providence, RI) but have lived in New York City since the late '90s.
  • I live with my wife, muse, and mythic personage, Minnie, and our cat Arianna.
  • I have degrees in both film and psychology from New York University.
  • I love to cook, especially Italian, French, Himalayan, and Caribbean food, and I love wines from the Rhône region of France, especially Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Hermitage.
  • I listen to many varied types of music, but especially ambient and world music, and my favorite band is Dead Can Dance.
  • I love film and photography, and I think the best film ever made is Felllini's "8 1/2".
  • I have been been an avid fan of Surrealism and the Surrealists for most of my life.
  • I am a prolific writer, and enjoy writing poetry, screenplays, and fiction.
  • I love writers such as Andre Breton, Benjamin Peret, Aime Cesaire, Leonora Carrington, Gisele Prassinos, Robert Desnos, Paul Eluard, Rikki Ducornet, Odysseus Elytis, Bruno Schulz, and the like.
  • I am a lifelong student of metaphysics, especially Parmenides and Śankara. I am a non-dualist and student of Advaita Vedanta.
  • I enjoy occasional, scheduled practice of a 24-hour mauna vrata (vow of silence).
  • I was conceived on and have spent much of my life on islands and prefer to surround myself with the sea and forests.
  • I enjoy writing software and work for White Whale Web Services as Technical Director and head developer of the LiveWhale CMS.
  • Aside from NYC, I have a second home in Mumbai, India and have traveled extensively around the country.
  • I don't put that much time into my personal web site, and rarely use Facebook, so follow me on Twitter and Instagram.
  • I believe all these statements to be unreal constructs of the ego, so please excuse any whimsical indifference to them.


I am likely to respond to electronic communications if you wish to contact me. Feel free to make it interesting! Tell a story? Offer a poem? Ask a complicated and fascinating question?